Venetian Blind Safety Cord Breaker Mechanism


Ultimate safety tassel designed to break apart to protect children and pets from harm.  Should the tassel break apart it is very easy to reassemble and holds up to 4 cords per tassel.



Please note, these safety breaker tassels are not designed to have holes in the bottom as they are a breaker and cord pull in one design.  The idea is to insert up to four cords, one in each of the small holes.  To do this, firstly break apart the two halves of the tassel, feed the cord(s) through the holes, then tie a knot to secure inside.  Then reassemble the breaker by clipping together again.  If you have just two cords, these can be inserted through the two small holes on each half; any additional cords would be fed through the larger central hole.  Please ensure you tie a tight knot for all cords which fits inside the breaker.

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