Polaris Charcoal 3.5″ (89mm) Vertical Blind Fabric Slat


Free weights, chains and top hangers with each order.

To order this fabric, please follow these simple instructions:

  1. Select the price length bracket by using the drop down box below. We have three prices depending on how much fabric you will need.
  2. Let us know the unit of measurement you will be using, by selecting the correct option from the drop down box below.
  3. Tell us the exact length of the fabric slats you require and enter in the box below. It is vital you measure correctly and give us the finished length you need.
  4. Enter the number of slats you need by using the quantity button at the bottom with the plus and minus keys (minimum order is 10 slats)
  5. Then ‘Add to Cart’ and we will do the rest!

Enter exact length you require your slats to be made

Please enter the exact length of slat to be made, ie 110cm or 39 inches


Replacement Vertical Blind Fabric Slat/Louvre which can be made to your exact measurements.  Polaris is a lovely plain fabric and comes in 30 beautiful colours to suit any room or the changing of the seasons.  It is 100% polyester.  All our fabric comes in the standard width of 3.5”/89mm and the slats are made to order so please allow approximately 7 days for delivery.  All orders come with free bottom weights, chains and top hangers.

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Select length price bracket

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