We hope you find everything you need to repair broken blinds, fit new ones or if you just want to change or re-vamp an existing blind. We sell replacement vertical blind fabric slats, vertical blind parts, roller blind parts, roman blind parts, venetian blind parts, pleated blind parts and child safety parts. However, if you don’t find what you need, please use our enquiry form and we will do our best to source and supply what you need or at least offer some advice on how to get the perfect window blind for you.

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Pets and your blinds


Everyone loves their dog – or cat, but occasionally these adorable furry members of the family can cause damage to your blinds.  We hear stories of cats getting caught up in the cords then dragging blinds from windows when they consequently whiz off in the opposite direction, and of course breaking the chain or cord in the process.  Dogs can be particularly fascinated by vertical blinds; a great place to play hide and seek but unfortunately snapping the bottom link chain as they dash in and out and in their eyes, isn’t a vertical blind bottom weight just another dog chew?

All these parts can be easily replaced by you at home and at very little cost (thankfully!).  We sell everything you need to keep even the most adventurous fuzz ball out of trouble – do check out the child safety section as well, as many of these items come in particularly handy for pets too!

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